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At Panama City Real Estate, we are pleased to offer other points of view from various locations. I have offered Real Estate Agents the ability to share their views and articles for my visitors and customers.

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eBooks by Jennifer Mackay

I am pleased to present my latest endeavor, free eBooks for my valued customers and visitors.  The first free eBook entitle Residential Real Estate - tips and insights (right click and save link as to save the ebook) is a collection of my most requested real estate articles conveniently located in a single eBook.

Books and Publications

Please note, some of these books/publications may be out of print.  If you are unsure what an ISBN is, here is an article on wikipedia that should help.

the Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing - ISBN 0-02-863665-1. Hard to find, but worth the effort.

Better Homes and Gardens second home - ISBN 0-696-21152-1.

How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate for the Small Investor - ISBN 0-471-35543-7

Flipping Properties - ISBN 0-7931-4491-4

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