July 2009

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The most complete Panama City Beach condos for sale information available has been updated with map images identifying the location of the specific condos.

While the maps are not interactive, they will provide a point of reference as to the location of the condo complex as well as an address.

This will make it easier for those not familiar with the Panama City Beach Florida area in locating specific condos ad their relation to other parts of Panama City Beach, Florida.

I've also added a few more condo complexes as I continue to grow the most comprehensive Panama City and Panama City Beach condo website available.

The new condo additions include:

  • Mariner East
  • Horizon South

I'll be adding a few more over the next few days as well

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At Panama City Real Estate, we value all our customers and visitors and endeavor to make each visit a welcoming and enjoyable experience.

In our continuing efforts to provide the finest, most complete real estate services and website available we realize we realize there may be additional website instructions needed for many of our first time and returning visitors.

For example: AOL visitors and customers who sign up for our various "opt in" services may not be receiving the requested information.

This is due to the AOL Mail process which prohibits so called "unsolicited" emails from reaching their customers.

I've created a new AOL Users Guide to help my AOL customers and visitors in getting the most out of the Panama City Florida Real Estate

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The local Residential Panama City Florida Real Estate Market statistics and summaries for June, 2009 are now available for your convenience.

For the most part, the market continues to hold steady with slight increases and decreases in expected areas:

  • An increase in expired listings shows agents continue to take overpriced listings that will not sell in today's market.  Sellers must be educated when pricing their homes for sale.  It remains a buyers market and homes must be priced accordingly.
  • Condo sales decreased slightly in part due to short sales and foreclosures as well as low appraisal values.  The time-to-close factor plays a significant role in actual sales.  In addition, smartly market priced condos continue to sell well.
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