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Considering Buying a Home? Here are 6 Things to Think About...

Before you buy a home you should do some research so that you have all the knowledge that you need.  You should learn about credit score requirements and the standards on the Federal Housing Administration loans. 

As your Panama City Beach Realtor I can help you become familiar with these things and more but doing your own research will help speed up the process.

  1. Before you consider buying a home you should make sure your credit score is as strong as possible. If your credit score is below 680 you can expect to have to pay a higher down payment.  If your credit score is over 750 you can expect to get better rates.  Get your credit report and stop applying for any kind of credit
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panama city beach realtor

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Buy Your First Home

Buying your first home can be very exciting but because of that many people make mistakes. Your goal is to find a home that you will love and that you can afford to pay for. But when the excitement surpasses your judgment mistakes can happen.

Here are 10 mistakes often made by new home buyers:

  1. Not thinking about what is affordable: Sometimes what the bank says is affordable and what you know is affordable is different.  You need to consider your lifestyle and other monetary goals you may have in your life.  Figure out what you need to account for in your life (vacations, vehicles, school savings for children, etc.) and then with those things in mind, decide what you can really afford.
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