November 2016

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In today's real estate market, having an "edge" is what every agent strives for.  Being part of Keller Williams Success Realty, means Keller Williams Success Realtybeing part of one of the leading real estate agencies in Panama City/Panama City Beach, Florida. 

With the current real estate market conditions, it is imperative that you afford yourself the finest training and advantages provided to assist your current and future business needs and vision.

Are you...

  • Armed with the skills to compete in today's changing market?

Are you tired of...

  • Weekly required Floor Time?
  • Desk and other Fees you don't use?
  • Playing Receptionist for the whole office?
  • Working for YOUR Broker and not building your own business?
  • Working for Brokers who Compete with You
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In an article I wrote:  Common Misconceptions About Buying and Selling Real Estate I discussed the incongruity of working with more than one agent.

This point is so important that it bares repeating

“When working with an agent as your representative, it is vital that you work with just that one agent.”  If of course, you are pleased with the service that agent is providing you.

There are many reasons for working with one agent not the least of which is we all work on a commission basis.


If I am showing a potential buyer a property, I only get paid if my buyer purchases that property through me!

Using real estate terminology it is called “Procuring Cause”: The agent who ultimately caused the buyer to purchase the property

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Thank you to our Veterans from the Panama City Realty GroupI’d like to take a moment to give thanks to all men and woman everywhere who have served and are currently serving our country and the Military.

Without your unyielding devotion and dedication to our great country I would not be able to enjoy the freedoms for which you have so valiantly fought.

I believe many current and future citizens of the United States feel the same way as I and sometimes we either forget or are unsure of how to show our appreciation.

So just a small thank you to all the military personel and families for being there when you’ve been called to place your life on the line so that I may enjoy the liberty and freedom that we have become accustomed.

Your allegiance to our great country does not go unnoticed and is greatly

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