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The Panama City Real Estate market summaries have been posted and the results are less than conforting...

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Foreclosures and short-sales.continue to be a factor in driving down prices or both condos and homes in the local real estate market. These property types continue to drive sales as well as home and condo values. 

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Panama City Homes | Market Update

Here is the latest mortgage market update for the Panama City Real Estate market area provided by Jackie Fowler:

Market Update Week Ending July 1, 2011

This week's economic news was nearly all positive, and the stock market posted a strong rally. Unfortunately, what's good for stocks is generally unfavorable for mortgage rates. Progress on the Greek aid package and stronger than expected US manufacturing data, along with the end of the Fed's bond buying program, combined to push mortgage rates higher this week.

While the Fed made known months ago that its $600 billion quantitative easing program would end on June 30, investors have been uncertain what the impact would be. Since the program started, Fed

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Many visitors to the Panama City Real Estate site often question whether they can qualify for a home loan.

Each time I'm asked this question, my answer is the same - "You don't know unless you ask"!

The FHA loan program is one means for those with mid level credit scores to take advantage of todays low housing prices.

Here are a few items of interest for those interested in FHA programs:


  • Credit score 580 - 619 (Overlays apply call for details)
  • 3.5 % Down payment                                                                        
  • Fixed rate loans
  • 100% Gifts from family member to cover down payment and closing costs
  • Seller can pay up to 6% towards buyers closing costs and prepaid
  • Non-traditional Credit

If you

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Panama City Homes | Market Update

Latest mortgage information and market update provided by Jackie Fowler...

Many factors were favorable for mortgage rates this week. Weaker than expected economic data, strong results for the Treasury auctions, and renewed concerns about weaker European countries all helped mortgage rates end the week at the lowest levels of the year.

All of the major economic data released during the week was weaker than expected. First quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the broadest measure of economic growth, was unchanged at 1.8%. Most investors expected the figures to be revised higher to at least 2.0%. April Durable Orders fell 4% from March, which was the largest monthly decline since October 2010. Weekly Jobless Claims…
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For my clients who served in Iraq  or Afghanistan  during 2010...

The bill  HB 1141 was signed by Governor Scott on 5/31:

Here are the details:

HB 1141 implements a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2010 and provides a new homestead exemption for military personnel on active duty overseas. The exemption is based on the amount of time the individual served overseas.

How to calculate the tax break
Taxable value of the property multiplied by the percentage of time spent overseas in 2010. (Calculate percentage of time spent overseas by taking the number of days overseas and dividing it by 365).

So, if someone spent six months overseas in 2010, he or she would get a 50 percent discount. If someone spent the entire year overseas (12

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Panama City Homes | Market Update

This market update is brought to you by Jackie Fowler at Region's Bank:


Weaker than expected data helped mortgage rates improve for most of the week, but Friday’s Employment report then surprised to the upside, causing mortgage rates to give back some of the improvement. In the end, as they have for each of the last few weeks, mortgage rates finished the week a little lower.

Against a consensus forecast of 185K, the economy added 244K jobs in April. Revisions to data from prior months added another 46K jobs. The private sector added 268K jobs, which was the highest level since February 2006, and the gains were broad-based across a range of sectors. The Unemployment Rate unexpectedly increased to 9.0% from 8.8%…
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After receiving such a warm response to my newest Life Style search page, I'm please to announce I've been updating the Panama City Condo Maps page as well.

Often, visitors to the site as well as customers question where particular condo complexes are located.

Using the updated Condo Map will help those out of area buyers familiarize themselves as to where the various Panama City Beach Condos are located.

Due to the fact that there are more condo complexes listed on my site than any other, the map will be updated over time - I have over 80 Bay County area Condo complexes listed and I'm adding more every month!

If you'd like to suggest a new feature for the website, feel free to contact me directly and I'll have my technology department

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I've just release a new video for the Panama City Beach Condo Market.

This video is the first in a new series spot lighting various features of the Panama City area.

Over the next few weekes I'll presenting more of these videos focusing not only on real estate, but also the various venues and attractions around Panama City and Panama City Beach.

It's an exciting time for us at The Panama City Real Estate Team and we're fortunate to be able to offer our insights, knowledge and experience to all our visitors and customers.

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As many of my visitors know, my team and I do our best to provide the finest, most complete Panama City Real Estate information available.

That information of course involved the Panama City Beach Condo market.

The team and I have been taking suggestions from our visitors and we believe we've designed a simpler, easier to navigate Panama City Beach condo section.

Since we have so many condo complexes, displaying them all on page seemed unruley, and a bit overwhelming.  And since many of our visitors agreed, we've created alphabetical subsections for the condos.

We've added a few new ones as well to continue to provide the most complete condo listings and information for the Panama City and Panama City Beach Condo market.

Thanks to everyone

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I was asked during a recent interview for any press releases and a press kit that could be used for the article.

I found that a bit odd as I had not been asked previously for either.

I realized however, with the amount of interviews I do as well as the latest marketing strategy we will be employing over the next few months, it would be beneficial to help the reporters in their research and have that information available.

With that in mind, I've added a few of my press releases to the site and have a Press Kit available as needed.

The Panama City Real Estate Team

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