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All new homeowners require a few essentials to get them settled in home ownership.Panama City Real Estate

Here are just a few items to add to your new house shopping list.

Home Security

One of the first things to consider buying for a new home is a security system. There are so many different systems available today on the market, chances are you can’t go wrong with purchasing any of them.

 Tool Kit

In one way or another, things in the home are either going to break or need maintenance of some kind. Having the right tool for the right job at the time needed is very important for all home owners. Here are a few items to consider to start your tool kit::

  • a drill (corded or I prefer cordless)
  • measuring tape
  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • level
  • Allen wrench set (Hex key)
  • utility knife
  • flashlight
  • hammer/mallet
  • multiple screw drivers
  • a wrench

These tools are a good start  to add to your tool box buy for your new home. any big box stores sell tool kits complete with most of these items. Also keep an eye out for sales.

Cleaning Supplies

A thorough cleaning is always necessary in a new home before you move in and get settled. Purchasing a few sponges/rags as well as a variety of cleaners is a quick and inexpensive way of making your new home feel comfortable and clean.

Drapes or Blinds

Drapes or blinds which ever fits your personal preference are a must to achieving privacy. Many home owners don’t realize that a new home usually doesn’t include drapes or blinds or the existing ones may not match your tastes and preference.

Shower Curtain

Most home sellers do their best to leave the home with minimal issues for the new buyers and that includes removing the old shower curtains. Purchase a shower curtain before you ever step into your new home so you can take a shower following a full day of moving in.


Do yourself a favor and don't get caught in the situation where you need a plunger but don’t have one. Believe me, it is not a fun moment so add a plunger to your list of things to buy for a new home.

Garbage Cans and Liners

Remember, moving in to a new home is going to create a lot of garbage: either with quick take out meal containers or throwing away packing material. Pick up a box of can liners for your move in and to keep on hand.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your first line of defense against fires and other invisible dangers are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Your new home should come equipped with smoke detectors but it is an important to ask your real estate agent to make sure and test them as soon as you move in.


Batteries are one of those items most people don't keep on hand until they need them. Having a few packs of AAA’s, AA's etc on hand will help when you need them unexpectedly.great idea for staying organized.


Lightbulbs are going to fail, and sometimes moving in to a new home you find the sellers have removed most of the lightbulbs specially the expensive ones! Keeping a variety of sizes and watts readily available will help you avoid getting stuck in the dark.  Don't forget to add these to your checklist

Fire Extinguisher

It's amazing to me how many homes do not have a fire extinguisher available. Don't get caught wishing you had one on hand during a fire emergency - add one to your shopping checklist.

There are many more tools home owners should have on hand, but at least this list gives you start in building your home owner tool box!

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