Another Installment of Home inspections that sting...!

Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 at 6:07am.

Here is another installment in my series on the necessity for home inspections. Remember to check back often for more of these goodies over the next few days/weeks.

When purchasing a home, it is highly advisable that buyers obtain a home inspection from a qualified and licensed home inspector.


Well, the following are just a few issues found during normal home inspections... ( Photos and images generously provided by Structure Tech)


Home Inspections that sting
Home Inspections in Panama City FL

Hoo boy!

Vinyl dryer vent hose is such a bad idea on so many levels. A smooth metal dryer vent is the best solution available at your local big box store.


Home Inspections in Panama City FL

Let’s have a party?

Yep, let’s have over a couple dozen neighbors for a really fun afternoon. Or tear off this disaster waiting to happen and build a deck properly.

Home Inspections in Panama City FL

March of the roof vents

Yes, attic venting is important. This, however, might be a bit much. Maybe someone is trying to save on shingles?


Home Inspections in Panama City FL

You Can Still Use the Garbage Can

I know it’s called a “garbage disposal” but I think someone’s taking that a bit too literally. Might be due for a replacement.


Home Inspections in Panama City FL

Deck Stair Layout Headache

Stairs are tricky to layout for the neophyte deck builder. But it’s easier than you think to get it right with a few stair building instructions.

Home Inspections in Panama City FL

What’s wrong in this picture?

Let me count the ways … 1. Broken chimney cap, 2. missing mortar and bricks, all that’s gonna cause a few leaks. This chimney needs some major repairs and quickly!

Home Inspections in Panama City FL

Ceiling kitchen venting

Babbette loved the smell of her cooking so much, it seemed a waste to vent all of the wonderful aromas outside. Generally, most people would prefer kitchen venting to exhaust outside the house rather than inside


Home Inspections in Panama City FL

How not to add lighting

Pretty sure this wiring system won’t pass the electrical inspection. There are right and wrong ways to hang a ceiling light, and this is definitely the wrong way.

Home Inspections in Panama City FL

Duct Tape Wall

This tile was undoubtedly installed over greenboard instead of cement board and is completely falling apart. Regrouting isn’t an option but re-tiling is - you can pay now or you will pay later.

Home Inspections in Panama City FL

Hard hat area

Maybe the in-ground pool sprung a leak? Or maybe this was a first time retaining wall builder. Regardless, it’s time to freshen up on building a retaining wall.

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