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Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 at 3:08pm.

Panama City Real Estate SuggestionsAt some point many home owners may require the assistance of a General Contractor or other building contractor. These interactions don't always go well or as planned.

To help you avoid having problems with your contractor, here is a multi-part post outlining a few suggestions to aid you in your interactions with your contractor...

Written Communication is Key

Many issues arise between contractors and homeowners due to miscommunication and a lack of updates.

Contractors can get wrapped up in  project details and fail to give notification of daily project progress or setbacks to the homeowners.Often, contractors are working on more than one project which can complicate the lack of communication as well.

It's always preferred communicate often from the outset of a project. However, if you find your communication starts deteriorating with your contractor, do your best to get the communication going again.

Always get everything in writing, whether it is a written text, email or saved text message. Texts and emails are great for this; even when you have a verbal communication, follow up with the contractor and let them know that you're going to send an email recapping the conversation to make sure you're both on the same page.

A Little Understanding can go a long way

Projects can get complicated and often it's just a matter of time before something goes wrong.

It may be a mistake, or something beyond anyone's control such as waiting to have the outside of the home painted, and it rains for two weeks, a delay is inevitable under that circumstance.

Short-term setbacks are seldom an issue for experienced contractors whose timeline should have enough "fudge factor" built in to accommodate typical complications.

If your contractor gives you an update on something that didn't go well, a little understanding on your part can go a long way to keeping the lines of communication open and positive.

Not Too Understanding Though

However, if it seems like your project is set back by one issue after another, or problems continually arise that delay the project beyond the original schedule, let the contractor know that you expect professionalism and a course of action to get the project back on track.

Be professional, courteous, direct and honest about your needs and requirements and expect the same level of communication from your contractor.

Establish Clear Milestones

If you do start to have problems with your contractor, do your best to reestablish and communicate what the plan is going forward, and within what time frame it will happen.

Perhaps the workers on the project are not respecting the property or the yard? Document, by writing down, taking pictures and communicate exactly what needs to be done to rectify the situation and request a time line as to when it will be done.

Clear, precise milestones, timelines and expectations are useful in planning a successful project with your contractor.

In Part 2 we'll discuss additional suggestions as well as solutions and remedies which are available to you.

I hope you find these few suggestions helpful!,

Check back for more handy home tips and tricks!



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