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Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Monday, March 30th, 2020 at 6:10am.

Panama City Real Estate SuggestionsThis is part 2 of the Contractor Problem series...

At some point many home owners may require the assitance of a General Contractor or other building contractor. These interactions don't always go well or as planned.

To help you avoid having problems with your contractor, here is a multi-part post outlining a few suggestions to aid you in your interactions with your contractor...

When in Doubt, Refer to the Contract

Always refer and reference the contract any time the scope of the work or the timeline is in doubt or changed.

If you began work without a contract (tsk, tsk!), it's vital that you establish something in writing as soon as possible! Beginning work with no formal agreement places your position in jeopardy if a debate or disagreement arises pertaining to the scope of work, schedule or other aspect of the project. 

Negotiating is an essential skill whether you're working out the details of a construction contract or establishing the price on a new car.

Go Ahead and Amend the Contract, it's OK!

If the project/job has gotten delayed so much that the original timeline is impossible to meet, there's no point in trying to hold your contractor to that milestone.

You run the risk of having workers be inclined to rush the job attempting to make the deadline. Some will just give up altogether, neither of which options would be in your best interests. However, amending the contract in writing by changing the timeline will help give your contractor room to breathe.  Again, communication is key, and both you and the contractor need to sign off on any amendments to the contract!

Follow the Chain of Command

When projects have problems tied to workers on the job site, you want to bring the issue to the attention of their supervisors.

Some contractor, building and remodeling companies have sales personnel who do the actual bidding on jobs and projects. These sales people work directly with homeowners. However, the actual workers may be sub-contractors and not as good communicators.

If this issue arises, demand that the person you have the relationship with come to the job site and help alleviate the issue. Many times, problem employees or sub-contractors will get in line when the person who signs their pay check is on site and notified of a problem. Let the chain of command fix the issue, it's not your job.

Red Flags

If you suspect your job is being sub-contracted out to a lower-quality subcontractor, that's an immediate red flag and needs to be addressed immediately!

Contact the original contractor and find out the details. Put a stop to any low quality work before it gets out of hand and the job is finished!

I hope you find these few fixes help save you some money and come in handy!

Check back for more handy home tips and tricks!


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