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Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 8:57am.

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Throwing a dinner party in a small condo can be a daunting prospect, leaving your mouth dry and your head spinning with the logistical challenges about how to pull it off. It is important to remember that it has been done in the past and that you can do it too. There are some simple tricks to throwing a good party. If you can put your fear aside and always remember why you first thought about hosting one in the first place, you can relax and plan a memorable event for your friends.

Below are some tips for planning and surviving a dinner party in your condo.

Tip 1. Set the date and send out the invitations.

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Making the commitment is the first and most important task that must be completed. Guess what? This is probably the hardest part. Once you send out the invitations, you can't turn back. Think about all the wonderful dinner parties you've been to yourself. What made them special? Most people agree that it is the company and the spirit of the occasion that made the gathering a success or failure. Keeping this thought in mind as you plan your party will keep you from panicking when something goes wrong or you start feeling overwhelmed by how much you have to do to get ready.

Tip 2. Create Ambiance with Soft Lighting

As the host, your job is to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment where your friends can kick back and enjoy light conversation and a few laughs. The right lighting puts everyone at ease. There is a very good reason that candles are associated with romance. Candles and dimmer switches can be your two best friends when throwing a dinner party. Whatever you do, be sure to turn off harsh overhead lights that are bright and cast an unpleasant, interrogation-like mood into a room. String lights are also a night touch, adding a bit of playful whimsy into the equation.

Tip 3. Create the Perfect Dinner Party Room

condo dinner partiesTap into your creative side and redesign any area to accommodate your dinner guests and give them enough room to stretch out and feel comfortable. This can be challenging in some condo, but there is no reason to worry. You set the rules. If necessary the living room can become the dining room if necessary. Remember, nothing in life is permanent, and that includes where your furniture is currently stationed. Don't be afraid to ask one of your friends to help you with the heavy lifting if necessary. People enjoy feeling involved. We all need to feel needed.

4. Engage your Guests with a Unique Experience

Put on your thinking cap and think of something that will get the conversation going or become an interesting focus for your dinner party. Theme parties can be fun. Party games that are easy and keep the conversation moving are also a proven way to get people laughing and involved. Having your guests check their persona at the door and draw a famous person's name out of a hat can turn a lackluster event into something your guests will never forget, as they try to assume the personality of the famous person's name they get throughout the event. There are hundreds of ideas. Just pick one that you think will fit well with your guests.

5. Relax and Set the Tone for your Guests

Resign yourself to the fact that perfectionism is overrated, especially where parties are concerned. There is no question that being a good host means planning beforehand. But don't forget that as your guests start to arrive, it is time to get involved with the party and set the tone by getting into a worry-free frame of mind yourself. Even the best intentioned host can put a damper on the evening if they are running around like a scared rabbit instead of enjoying the evening and spending time just being with friends.

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