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Panama City Real Estate GuideOne of the most often asked questions from my buyers is  "Why didn't the seller counter my offer?" The answer depends not only on the offer itself, but also the sellers perspective.

Many buyers mistakenly assume the seller will always counter their offer and how much the seller will counter. In actuality, the opposite is more often the case.

While most offers do receive some kind of counter, I am careful to instruct my buyers not to assume how much the counter offer will be and that it is quite possible the seller may not counter at all.


There are a number of reasons the seller may not counter an offer: Here are just a few of the more common:

Seller may feel offer was so low and too far from their asking price to effectively negotiate.

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Panama City Realty Group | Map Search

Recently, I noticed Zillow advertising their newest feature of map searching for homes.

Interesting however, that we've had map searching on our site for years and they are just now getting to that feature!

Here are a few basic instructions on how to use the Map search feature on

You can view the full size of any image by right clicking and selecting "View Image"

Notice the top right arrow. Our Panama City real estate map search feature, allows you to draw either a polygon or radius search!Panama City Realty Group | Map Search


Once you've selected your search pattern you can select any of the other search attributes such as city, property type etc then click the "Refine Your Search" button and you'll be presented with a new map image outlining

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Panama City Real Estate Moving TipsHaving moved many times over the course of my years as well as being a top producing real estate agent, I’ve gained some valuable tips and techniques that I pass on to my customers.

Here are my top 50 tips for moving into a new home or apartment:

  1. Create an outline for listing moving tasks including purchases you need to make
  2. Boxes – You can never have too many boxes. Plastic, cardboard whatever.
  3. Obtain plenty of packing material – newspaper, bubble wrap etc.
  4. Obtain plenty of tape for sealing boxes.
  5. Obtain marking tape such as blue painters tape to mark items not in boxes
  6. Get plenty of rope or twine for tying up boxes
  7. Use rope to tie up small stacks of books for easy moving
  8. Use towels inside boxes to cushion fragile items from
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Do it right and within your means...

There is no doubt a fixer upper can be a great deal; but, it also has the potential to bring many disasters. The secret is to choose the right fixer upper to begin with.

Fixer uppers are typically below market value and they can be a good buy in any type of market. A few of the advantages in purchasing a fixer upper includes:

  • Lower sales price
  • Potential for resale profit
  • Less competition

Fixer uppers can be a profit gain from the moment you close the deal. When you shop for a fixer
upper, you need to look past the repairs, and visualize it fixed up. The perfect fixer upper will be one
that everyone would want once it is fixed up.

What to Look for in a Fixer Upper Home

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