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The protection of our families is of utmost importance to us all. So when the wind starts blowing and the waters begin to rise advanced precautions and panama city real estate storm preparednesspreparations will go a long way to ensuring our families safety!

Here are just a few tips on Storm Safety.

Get a Glow in the Dark Flashlight

Easy to find glow in the dark tape wrapped around a flashlight makes it easy to find the light when the power goes out.

Leave it or mount it somewhere readily available in cases where it's needed quickly

Be aware of Lightning and Electrical Storms

During an electrical storm it is highly advisable to stay indoors.

However, here is something you may not be aware of.... Lightning can still get to you indoors by following the conductive paths within

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Panama City Real Estate SalesAs we're now in another Hurricane season, I thought it prudent to remind my customers, friends and family about a few things you want to avoid during a power outage.

In no particular order, here are just a few things to avoid during a power outage...


Lighting Candles

While many believe this is the first thing to do, in actuality it is something to avoid. While candles are certainly a mood enhancer and has it's place, they can cause a fire. They don't really provide strong lighting where as a lantern or flashlight would be more preferable as a light source.

Letting Your Phone's Battery Die

Playing on your phone or other wireless device for hours might seem like an appealing option to wallow away the time during a power outage.

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