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Panama City Home Repair Tips

Are you interested in saving money on home repairs? Perhaps there are a few things around the house that just aren't 100% to your liking.

Here are just a few issues and fixes that can save you a lot of money by doing them yourself. And they are very easy!

Cleaner Clothes

In order to get the most out of your detergent, check the water temperature with a cooking thermometer (one that registers low temperatures) when you do a cold, a warm and a hot wash. The reason is: additives in laundry detergent won't work as well, and powder detergents won't fully dissolve if the water is not at the correct temperature

How to fix:

Check the water temperature with a cooking thermometer when you do a cold, a warm and a hot wash. For cold water washes: if

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Panama City Home Repair Tips When selling a home, sellers are often advised by their agents to upgrade appliances, remove or replace old looking items as well as offered several other quick selling tips for their particular area.

However, sellers may be better off saving money by "transforming" old, tired looking appliances and furniture making them look new and fresh.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to save money by transforming old items into fresh, new looking items.

Painting can save you a fortune and. it's easy to do yourself...

Spray Painting old furniture

Why buy new furniture such as a dresser or night stand when you can save money by spray painting your old ones?

Take a look at Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint in Flat White to

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Panama City Real Estate GuideOne of the most often asked questions from my buyers is  "Why didn't the seller counter my offer?" The answer depends not only on the offer itself, but also the sellers perspective.

Many buyers mistakenly assume the seller will always counter their offer and how much the seller will counter. In actuality, the opposite is more often the case.

While most offers do receive some kind of counter, I am careful to instruct my buyers not to assume how much the counter offer will be and that it is quite possible the seller may not counter at all.


There are a number of reasons the seller may not counter an offer: Here are just a few of the more common:

Seller may feel offer was so low and too far from their asking price to effectively negotiate.

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This month, we're pleased to present one of the newest communities in the Panama City Florida area SweetBay Homes as our featured community this month!

SweetBay is a planned community area, located at the site of the old Panama City Airport.

SweetBay homes for sale by Jennifer Mackay




SweetBay homes are close to shopping, dining and family entertainment venues. 

The Sweetbay community offers the following amenities for its residents:

  • Biking and hiking trails
  • A boathouse to launch canoes, kayaks and paddle boards
  • A permitted marina
  • Community pool
  • Several walking parks
  • Ponds
  • Children's playground
SweetBay Infographics
SweetBay Home sales Sweetbay Home sales
Sweetbay Homes Sweetbay Homes


Remember: The Panama City Realty Group Sells SweetBay Homes

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I've just received a notice from my office broker - I pretty much expected this since my average DOM's (Days on Market) are much less than 30 days and rarely over 45.

Those 1-3  DOM's really help my average LOL!

Per my broker.

Here is a number you can use!

Keller Williams "average days market" stat is 79 days before our listings are sold. BCAR average days on market is 103. We are out producing the market by almost 25%

Yay ;)


What this means to you as a Home or Condo seller...

If you list with me, your Panama City or Panama City Beach property will be sold on average much quicker than if you listed with any other agent in Bay County!

And that is something of which I am proud!

panama city beach realtor

Welcome to our Panama City Beach real

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When you want to sell your home, it is important to cater to the needs and desires of home buyers. Buyers tend to seek out distinctive features in their quest to find the perfect home on the market these days.

Sellers can position themselves for success in selling a home by focusing on certain key features of the home. Before showing the home to public buyers, here are some features that sellers can improve upon to entice buyers.

Interior Kitchen Space

Home buyers love seeing a kitchen space that is decked out with granite counter tops and the latest stainless steel appliances. These types of appliances provide a sleek and sophisticated appearance to a home. In addition, buyers have the sense that sellers have taken care of a home over the years.

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panama city beach realtor

The real estate market appears to be rebounding after imploding during the financial crisis. While it is true that more homes are coming on the market and prices are generally rising across the country, there are still markets in which it is harder to sell. These include vacation homes, condominiums and other homes that are targeted to specific buyers. Offering incentives can be a great way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers and move it off the market more quickly.

Buyer incentives are essentially anything you as the seller agree to do to make it easier for your buyer to complete the sale. For instance, you might agree to carry the financing, especially if you are selling a second home or vacation home and won't need the equity in

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panama city real estate short salesThis year the buzz across the real estate internet is and remains all about Short Sales, and what great deals they are for sellers who are under water on their mortgages.  If you are not familiar with the process of how a Short Sale works, however, this Great Deal could become your Selling Nightmare.

A short sale occurs when a seller owes more for a home than the current market will allow it to be sold at, and the seller is unable (for whatever reason) to continue to make the payments.  The Seller is asking the bank to accept whatever He/She can sell the home for, and forgive the remainder of the debt so as not to adversely affect His/Her credit.

Because the 3RD Party Lein holder is involved in all aspects of…
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