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Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Monday, October 14th, 2019 at 11:54am.

Panama City Home RepairsThe most expensive purchase any of us will make in our lifetime is our home. And owning a home requires work and regular maintenance.

Here are a few home maintenance myths you may be familiar with but aren't sure if they're true.

Cut the Grass Short and You’ll Mow your lawn Less Frequently

According to "The Lawn Institute", “Cutting your lawn too short creates an environment for both weed and disease infestation. It also causes the lawn to lose moisture much quicker.  Select a mowing height appropriate for the turf grass species in your lawn. Then set your mower blade height of cut and mow frequently enough so you cut off no more than the top third of the grass plant. This will encourage stronger roots,” the institute notes.(https://www.thelawninstitute.org/pages/education/lawn-maintenance/mowing-basic/)

Turning Off Your Air Conditioner When You’re Not Home Saves Energy

Unfortunately, the problem occurs when returning home and you turn your A/C on, your AC unit will have to work overtime to cool your house back down. This in turn will negate any energy savings you’ve accrued, as well as cost you more. The proper way is to adjust your thermostat 5 to 10 degrees warmer when you leave home and reset it to our preferred comfort temperature when you return.

Only Clean Your Gutters in Fall

Gutters get clogged  all year round with debris preventing them from directing rainwater away from the home. This could result in both interior and exterior damage to your home. Simply inspect your gutters periodically and clean them as needed through out the year.

More Insulation is Better

Overloading your attic with insulation can cause the lower layers to compress diminishing its effectiveness. It's also possible to block your eave or soffit ventilation, which can lead to heat or moisture buildup as well as mold problems.

Pressing The Test Button to Check Your Smoke Alarm is the Preferred Method

Pressing the test button on your smoke alarm, only tests whether the sound is functioning properly! To properly test a smoke alarm and cause the alarm to sound, place a newly burned out match under the device. Test your smoke alarm several times through out the year such as beginning of spring and fall.

If Your Carpet Feels Dry, It’s Safe

If your carpet feels dry to the touch after a water incident, it doesn’t mean it’s actually dry. Standing water can soak through the carpet and underlay, and settle into the sub-floor. Wood and concrete sub-floors environments can produce mold which can lead to serious and expensive issues if left untreated.

The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Requires No Maintenance

Several issues can arise with exhaust fans such as: mold and mildew forming in the fan or a dust build up over time which can cover the motor. Cleaning the grille and vacuuming the mechanical parts every six to 12 months will help eliminate these issues.

Day Time Is The Preferred Time To Add Chemicals to your Pool

Adding chemicals to your pool when the sun is strongest can result in UV rays reducing the effectiveness of certain chemicals. The preferred time to add chemicals to your pool is just before sunset.

There are many home owner and home maintenance myths and hopefully these few debunked myths will help you be a more informed home owner.

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