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Got carpet stains, or need to repair a small area of your carpet? Panama City Real Estate | Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are a few easy home solutions you can try...


If someone in your house is a fan of slime, you probably have wished they weren't. Slime is primarily made of glue and most of it is washable. Try using plain white vinegar, on the area. It might take some patience, but you can get the slime out of your carpet!

Pet Messes

A handheld extractor (vacuum) can suck liquids from carpet and works better than attempting to absorb the mess with paper towels or rags.

Chewing Gum

Everyone's nemesis - Chewing gum on the carpet. Have no fear though, you can remove chewing gum from carpet as well as most other materials by placing ice on the area for a few minutes. Let it

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Panama City Home Repairs

Whether you are a new homeowner with limited handyman experience or a long-time DIYer, there are some easy things everyone should know how to fix.

Knowing how to fix these few common household problems can help save you from a pricey repair bill.

How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

A fan that wobbles a lot can be dangerous and needs to be adjusted. You can learn how to check and adjust the ceiling fan by watching any number of YouTube videos or visiting one of the many appliance repair sites.

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Fixing a running toilet is relatively easy and if left to run can be quite expensive in your water bill. You can purchase the insides which come with instructions from your local big box store. The trick is to make sure you

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garden pestsOne thing home owners face alone are yard nuisances. Often home owners are at odds with pests, insects as well as other types of yard nuisances and how to get rid of or control them.

Here are a few suggestions to help in dealing with a few yard nuisances...


Mowing over clover is futile at best since  it always grows back.

One way of getting rid of clover, if you're willing to sacrifice some of your grass, place plastic sheeting, or a large garbage bag, over the clover. Be sure to weigh down the edges so the plastic doesn’t fly off. Keep the clover covered for a few weeks. Depriving clover of sunlight and oxygen should help kill it as well as your grass!

Another method is to control it with a nitrogen-rich weed-and-feed formula.

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panama city homeimprovements

Continuing our DIY home project list, here are a few more project ideas that anyone can complete with little to no experience

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Easy DIY Projects

panama city real estate

Garden Archway

How about a no weld metal garden arch trellis you can make out of steel rebar for about $25!

When you’re done, you can cover it with climbing plants/vines for an attractive addition to your garden.

panama city real estate

Bird Feeder

Enjoy the best bird life your yard can provide by making one or more of these easy projects.

It's also a great project for kids and the whole family. Everyone can make one for a specific type of bird and place them in your yard for hours of communing

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Home owners usually want to take on DIY projects but often fear they lack the skills necessary to do a good job.panama city homeimprovements

Well, I'm here to tell you, if you don't try you won't succeed. I know this from experience!

The best way I know of increasing DIY skills, is to take on small projects in the beginning and build on the skills after taking on more difficult projects.

I visit Anna White's website for ideas as well as plans for some DIY projects. 

There are also many other wonderful websites that offer free instructions/plans for most DIY projects that the average and beginner DIYer is capable of completing.

With just a few tools, some materials and some time the following project ideas make for great family or solo projects. And most importantly of

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New homeownerTips for home owners in Panama Citys as well as seasoned owners often rush into or fail to prepare for various aspects of owning a home without really considering consequences.

Some of these aspects include: Remodeling, Improvements, Emergencies and more.

Let's take a look at some of these and see what we can do to minimize the impact of them on the family, budget and emergencies...


Remodel is something many home owners fail to plan for and/or rush into. It's imperative when considering a remodel, you live in the home for a while and let ideas come and go and write down the ones that seem to stay in your mind. Doing this will minimize financial waste as well as provide a better foundation for beginning that remodel.


New home owners

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Proper AC maintenance is a must if you want to avoid expensive energy bills. By properly maintaining your A/C unit, increases the efficiency of your system and Panama City Real Estate | household tipsprevents costly repairs.

Here are a few mistakes you want to avoid to remain cool all summer long!

Size Requirements

AC units are sized based on the cubic feet of area they need to cool.

This is particularly important when you are purchasing a new AC unit, replacing a unit or renovating your house.

If your area to cool is larger than the rated A/C unit, the A/C unit will have to work harder to cool the air. Consequently the unit will wear out more quickly and not be able to meet the demands of the temperature set on the thermostat.

Likewise if your area is smaller than the rating

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Bug bites are often more annoying than dangerous. They can itch and/or they may be painful!.panama city real estate | home remedies

Fortunately, there are some home remedies for bug bites that are relatively easy to obtain and apply.

Here are just a few to try the next time you get bitten.

Aloe Vera Gel

This comes from the Aloe Vera plant.  I have one growing on my back porch that I use all the time! It's very helpful with sunburn!

This gel soothes inflamed skin and may serve as a moisturizer as well. In addition, Aloe Vera extract has antibacterial properties which may help keep insect bites from becoming infected.

To Apply:

Simply dab some gel on the bite site. Either by breaking off a piece from a plant, the gel is inside, or directly from a store bought container.

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Here is the final installment in my series on the necessity for home inspections. Remember to check back often for more home owner posts.

When purchasing a home, it is highly advisable that buyers obtain a home inspection from a qualified and licensed home inspector.


Well, the following are just a few issues found during normal home inspections... ( Photos and images generously provided by Structure Tech)


Home Inspections that sting
Home Inspections in Panama City FL

What’s a TPR Valve?

Not willing to be outwitted by a water heater, Billy Joe Bob decided that the TPR (temperature, pressure relief) valve should only drip when he wanted it to drip. A TPR valve is an important safety feature, and the photo shown is NOT an appropriate solution!

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The protection of our families is of utmost importance to us all. So when the wind starts blowing and the waters begin to rise advanced precautions and panama city real estate storm preparednesspreparations will go a long way to ensuring our families safety!

Here are just a few tips on Storm Safety.

Get a Glow in the Dark Flashlight

Easy to find glow in the dark tape wrapped around a flashlight makes it easy to find the light when the power goes out.

Leave it or mount it somewhere readily available in cases where it's needed quickly

Be aware of Lightning and Electrical Storms

During an electrical storm it is highly advisable to stay indoors.

However, here is something you may not be aware of.... Lightning can still get to you indoors by following the conductive paths within

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