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Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 at 7:03am.

Got carpet stains, or need to repair a small area of your carpet? Panama City Real Estate | Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are a few easy home solutions you can try...


If someone in your house is a fan of slime, you probably have wished they weren't. Slime is primarily made of glue and most of it is washable. Try using plain white vinegar, on the area. It might take some patience, but you can get the slime out of your carpet!

Pet Messes

A handheld extractor (vacuum) can suck liquids from carpet and works better than attempting to absorb the mess with paper towels or rags.

Chewing Gum

Everyone's nemesis - Chewing gum on the carpet. Have no fear though, you can remove chewing gum from carpet as well as most other materials by placing ice on the area for a few minutes. Let it harden and loosen the gum’s grip on the fibers, and scrape it off.

Oil Stains

Oil stains can be quite tricky to get out of carpet because the stain spreads out quickly and adheres to the fibers. One way to extract oil from carpet is to spread a thick coat of baking soda across the affected area and leave it there until the sides form a dry crust. Vacuum the residue and hopefully the stain will be either lighter, or removed completely.  If not, try repeating the process a few times to remove the oil stain completely.


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