I Had the Scare of my Life - But all is Good

Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Monday, March 25th, 2019 at 12:09pm.

I took my annual Mammogram a few weeks back.

Nothing unusual for me since I do it every few years or so.

However, I received a call from the Doctor informing me they wanted to do a Biopsy as the Radiologist found a spot on the Mammogram!


Now, there is no history of cancer in my family and I thought it odd that the Doctor would do this over the phone without calling me in for a consultation.

I told my husband the news, and he immediately recommended..., no suggested..., NO DEMANDED I get a second opinion!

He has quite a bit of experience with Cancer in that both his parents passed due to Cancer. He was far more concerned with this than I was at the time.

I assured him I would, and together we found another Doctor to review the Mammogram.

The Doctor we found was much more compassionate with me, sat down and consulted with me exactly what to expect, what was going to happen, the chances of malignancy etc. I really felt much better after speaking with him, although not so much my husband!

The Doctor also recommended that a biopsy be performed , and recommended a local Doctor to do the Biopsy.

My husband and I arrived at the office and we asked if he could be there with me.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the procedure, he was not allowed. So while I entered the chamber he nervously and patiently waited for me to return.

The Biopsy was performed without incident - it didn't really hurt as I received a local anesthetic. It was more uncomfortable than anything.

The Doctor's assistant told me it would take a few days for the results, and to contact my Physician for the results in 2-3 business days.

Everyday leading up to the day of the results, my husband was on pins and needles.  He didn't say anything so much, but I was able to tell he was extremely worried.

Finally, the day came for me to phone my Doctor and guess what...

THE RESULT WAS COMPLETELY NEGATIVE! It was a simple case of calcium build up, nothing more.

Needless to say, my husband yelled and jumped for joy at this news and to tell the truth, I was relieved as well!

We celebrated with a home cooked meal (my husband makes a killer Prime Rib!), glass of Mead and a Beer!

If you're a woman who has been delaying or waiting to have a mammogram, my suggestion is find a Doctor who will sit and explain the processes to you and who will make you feel comfortable. Then go ahead and have it done.

In my opinion, it's better to know than not to know and wonder...!

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