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Have you ever wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and own/run your very own catfish/sheep farm?

Here is your opportunity to work for yourself by purchasing this Catfish/sheep farm.

PACKAGE SALE - Included in this package is:

  • Single family home
  • Catfish farm with lake and Pond
  • Sheep - has been as a sheep farm for several years
  • All fields used as organic pastures with no chemical additives
  • 7.8 Acres (Please measure for accuracy)
  • Three agricultural buildings are included in the listing
  • Fenced pasture areas.
  • The residence may be purchased together with an additional ten acres
  • and More...

This is an Unbelievable Opportunity in  Vernon, Washington County, Florida!

Marketing Package available upon

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As the Panama City Florida area becomes an increasingly popular relocation destination, many new small businesses need assistance in establishing themselves.

From finding a location that fits the needs of the business to assistance with marketing, small business owners new to the Panama City Florida area can rely on me and my team to assist them with their business needs.

To begin, I have created a Small Business Owners Guide to help those interested in either starting a new business or relocating an existing business to the Bay County Florida area.

From property searches to informational links, my small business owners guide will help you gather the information for your new business venture.

When I can be of further of assistance, contact me

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Being a city girl, I judge how well an area is doing economically by the businesses that are prevalent (existing) as well as businesses moving in.  Of course, construction is always a key sign, but it has to be "growth" oriented not just - "we're building another strip mall here or we're building more houses there".

So, when I see a sign go up for a national chain business - I get excited.  It signals growth both economically and demographically.

Most are unaware that many of the national chains require an area to reach or obtain a certain population count before they will open a franchise in that area.

In our area, we've been short (at least in my opinion) on decent breakfast locations - yes we have the waffle house and a few local eateries -

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Back in 2004, the St Andrew’s Waterfront Market was started under a circus tent and a handful of vendors.  Then in 2010, a group of volunteers took the market on and it grew so that it grew out of its space by the fall of 2011 and expanded to the boardwalks of the Smith’s Yacht Basin and the two locations became connected by a water taxi.  The market also incorporated due to its growth in June 2011 and took over the responsibility of the St Andrews Community Garden.

In April 2012, the market expanded again eight miles west and over two bridges to the Grand Lagoon Waterfront Farmer’s market which is located at Pirate’s Cove Marina  the market at St Andrew’s operates on Saturday and Grand Lagoon operates on Sundays with a crew of volunteers running it. 

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