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In an article I wrote:  Common Misconceptions About Buying and Selling Real Estate I discussed the incongruity of working with more than one agent.

This point is so important that it bares repeating

“When working with an agent as your representative, it is vital that you work with just that one agent.”  If of course, you are pleased with the service that agent is providing you.

There are many reasons for working with one agent not the least of which is we all work on a commission basis.


If I am showing a potential buyer a property, I only get paid if my buyer purchases that property through me!

Using real estate terminology it is called “Procuring Cause”: The agent who ultimately caused the buyer to purchase the property is entitled to earn the commission.

If a potential buyer is working with a real estate agent other than myself and requests me to show them a property, I am not going to get paid a dime if they purchase that property. 

So what is my incentive to show the buyer the property?

Well, there is none.

Unless a potential buyer is willing to sign a buyers agreement contract with me, there really is no incentive for me to show another agents customer a property.

Does McDonald’s sell Whoppers?

No, they sell the Big Mac.

Does Coke sell Pepsi? 

Absolutely not

Working with one agent and contacting another to show you a property is very much like:

Going to a Ford dealer and asking the salesman to take you to the Chevrolet dealer and show you a car on the Chevy lot.

Now if a potential buyer is not satisfied with the service they are receiving from an agent, that is an entirely different matter.

Yes, of course I can help and I will welcome you into my family of satisfied customers.

My team and I receive many requests from my Panama City Realty Group website who would like to see a property but their agent is out of town or unavailable.

Let’s examine this scenario for a moment:

  • Your real estate agent went out of town or is unavailable
    • Did your agent not provide you with a back up agent from their office?

The Panama City Realty Group team of agents is always available to assist our customers. 

If the Panama City Realty Group agent you are working with is out of town, you are still guaranteed service as there are always agents availalble as backup to assist you with your needs or questions. 

When one of our agents goes out of town, our policy is to ALWAYS have someone available to help with their clients.

Owners, put my team and technology to work for you.  If you are interested in selling your home or condo, contact me today (850) 774-6582 for a free, no obligation Home value report.

Buyers, when you’re ready to purchase a Panama City Beach Gulf or Bay front condo or home, contact me directly (850) 774-6582 for the latest information and pricing on any of the Panama City Beach homes and condos sale.


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