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Summer is winding down across the Country and tempatures are cooling off for most folks.

Here in Panama City Beach Florida however, the Sun and Surf are still as hot as ever, and so are our local Real Estate Sales!  

Now that most families have gone back to the routine of School and Work, many of the great condos that grace the powder white sands and crystal clear waters of our local beaches are open and available to show.

It is also one of the best times to get deals on airfare and rooms at very good prices.

So if you have been putting off your trip to come look for that vacation home, investment property, or new place to live - now is the time to see what we have to offer.

Jennifer Mackay and her team of

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panama city beach condo rentals blue sun propertiesI am both very pleased and excited to announce that Panama City Real Estate and are now associated with Panama City Beach Condo Rentals at Blue Sun Properties.

I've been looking for a quality Panama City Beach Condo rental company for awhile as many of my condo sale clients and visitors are in need of quality condo rental and condo property management services.

Blue Sun Properties offer the same quality service, attention to customer needs and experience my customers and clients have come to expect from working closely with the Panama City Real Estate Team and myself.

This is just one more exclusive service I can offer my visitors, clients and customers to make

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Panama City Real Estate In keeping with the most current technology available and presenting the most advanced, easy to use real estate information possible, I'm very pleased to announce both some new website updates as well as new features coming very soon.

My technology department is busy updating the condominiums section with both new features as well as new information for my condo buying and selling clients.

Here are just a few of the updated pages, with more to come soon:

  • Aqua Condos for sale
  • Calypso Condos for sale
  • Edgewater Beach Condos for sale

In addition, the Panama City Real Estate site is undergoing a complete overhaul.  Some of the new features will be invisible to my customers, and are designed to provide even better real estate services

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After receiving such a warm response to my newest Life Style search page, I'm please to announce I've been updating the Panama City Condo Maps page as well.

Often, visitors to the site as well as customers question where particular condo complexes are located.

Using the updated Condo Map will help those out of area buyers familiarize themselves as to where the various Panama City Beach Condos are located.

Due to the fact that there are more condo complexes listed on my site than any other, the map will be updated over time - I have over 80 Bay County area Condo complexes listed and I'm adding more every month!

If you'd like to suggest a new feature for the website, feel free to contact me directly and I'll have my technology department

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As many of my visitors know, my team and I do our best to provide the finest, most complete Panama City Real Estate information available.

That information of course involved the Panama City Beach Condo market.

The team and I have been taking suggestions from our visitors and we believe we've designed a simpler, easier to navigate Panama City Beach condo section.

Since we have so many condo complexes, displaying them all on page seemed unruley, and a bit overwhelming.  And since many of our visitors agreed, we've created alphabetical subsections for the condos.

We've added a few new ones as well to continue to provide the most complete condo listings and information for the Panama City and Panama City Beach Condo market.

Thanks to everyone

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