Panama City - Growing with pains?

Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Sunday, March 29th, 2015 at 5:33am.

Being a city girl, I judge how well an area is doing economically by the businesses that are prevalent (existing) as well as businesses moving in.  Of course, construction is always a key sign, but it has to be "growth" oriented not just - "we're building another strip mall here or we're building more houses there".

So, when I see a sign go up for a national chain business - I get excited.  It signals growth both economically and demographically.

Most are unaware that many of the national chains require an area to reach or obtain a certain population count before they will open a franchise in that area.

In our area, we've been short (at least in my opinion) on decent breakfast locations - yes we have the waffle house and a few local eateries - unfortunately they don't blow my skirt up - so my husband and I tend to make breakfast at home.

Yesterday, while trying to get through the slower traffic (it's still spring break here and the kiddies drive like crap) I noticed a new sign on Hwy 77.  I was flabbergasted.

We pulled into the parking lot to check out the signs on the windows and WOW, I couldn't believe it.

"Open April 5th, 8:00 pm - a new DENNY'S!!!"

Now most of you would probably think - what's the big deal?

But I can tell you from experience, when you start to see these types of national chains/franchises opening in an area, it signals a corner has been turned and an economic boom is on the horizon.

That is of course, unless the city council screw it up - which they have done in the recent past (with our International airport).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, the city council will stay out of the growth spurt we are about to experience!

And perhaps, just maybe - they'll get the message that the infrastructure needs updating - more lanes on the main streets (these now need to be expanded to 3 lanes) and better speed limits (faster)!

Watch out for new construction on 23rd street - I expect the 77/23rd street intersection to become a nightmare soon.

The bottom line?

Investors - contact me today while prices are still low and gradually increasing - they won't be this low much longer!

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