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I took my annual Mammogram a few weeks back.

Nothing unusual for me since I do it every few years or so.

However, I received a call from the Doctor informing me they wanted to do a Biopsy as the Radiologist found a spot on the Mammogram!


Now, there is no history of cancer in my family and I thought it odd that the Doctor would do this over the phone without calling me in for a consultation.

I told my husband the news, and he immediately recommended..., no suggested..., NO DEMANDED I get a second opinion!

He has quite a bit of experience with Cancer in that both his parents passed due to Cancer. He was far more concerned with this than I was at the time.

I assured him I would, and together we found another Doctor to review

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The Panama City Realty Group is very pleased to congratulate team leader - Jennifer Mackay for Capping at Keller Williams Success Realty.

Read more about Capping...Jennifer Mackay - Keller Williams Success Realty Capper

What is Capping

Capping is one of the perks of being a Keller Williams Broker Associate or real estate agent.

How it works

Each agent at Keller Williams offices is offered the opportunity to earn 100% of their commission earned on sales of real estate.

To earn that 100%, agents contribute a pre-set amount of their commission to the office until that pre-set amount is reached.

Once that occurs, the agent is what we call a "Capper" and from that point of the year until their next anniversary they will take home 100% of their earned sales commission.

If this sounds like

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I've just received a notice from my office broker - I pretty much expected this since my average DOM's (Days on Market) are much less than 30 days and rarely over 45.

Those 1-3  DOM's really help my average LOL!

Per my broker.

Here is a number you can use!

Keller Williams "average days market" stat is 79 days before our listings are sold. BCAR average days on market is 103. We are out producing the market by almost 25%

Yay ;)


What this means to you as a Home or Condo seller...

If you list with me, your Panama City or Panama City Beach property will be sold on average much quicker than if you listed with any other agent in Bay County!

And that is something of which I am proud!

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Welcome to our Panama City Beach real

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panama city beach realtor

When choosing a realtor people often go about it the wrong way. Choosing a realtor from the yellow pages or a billboard is as good an idea as using those methods to find a spouse. Even choosing the top realtor in an area may get you a real estate agent so busy he or she doesn't have enough time to provide the services you need, especially in a vigorous market like Panama City Beach real estate. Panama City Beach realtor Jennifer MacKay is an award-winning realtor and leader with the Keller Williams Success Realty team. She is an Broker Associate who is able to provide the highest quality of real estate services to her clients, whether they are a seller, buyer, investor or referral.

People often choose a realtor when they see a home they like in an

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