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Panama City Realty Group | Map Search

Recently, I noticed Zillow advertising their newest feature of map searching for homes.

Interesting however, that we've had map searching on our site for years and they are just now getting to that feature!

Here are a few basic instructions on how to use the Map search feature on

You can view the full size of any image by right clicking and selecting "View Image"

Notice the top right arrow. Our Panama City real estate map search feature, allows you to draw either a polygon or radius search!Panama City Realty Group | Map Search


Once you've selected your search pattern you can select any of the other search attributes such as city, property type etc then click the "Refine Your Search" button and you'll be presented with a new map image outlining your search.

You can zoom in on your new map (use buttons + - at the bottom) as well as edit your boundary (see image arrows).

And of course you can always continue to refine your search options by selecting more qualifying criteria and pressing the "Refine Your Search" button

 Panama City Realty Group | Map Search

If you look at this image, you'll notice our real estate map search will provide additional statistical information such as:
Search Statistics
Listings 260
  • Listing Price
  • Average $520,502
  • Highest $64,000,000
  • Lowest $9
  • Property Size
  • Average 3,195 ft²
  • Highest 106,729 ft²
  • Lowest 425 ft²
Panama City Realty Group | Map Search

Another feature of our real estate map search is the ability to also include various amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks, churches and shopping as examples.

In addition, you can change the type of map view from default (which is shown) to a Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain view to get a better idea of the layout of the area, traffic patterns that may affect the neighborhood in which you're interested in purchasing.

Look at the image to the left (right click and select "View Image" to see a full size image.




Panama City Realty Group | Map SearchOnce you've outlined your area, selected your criteria and amenities, you'll be able to view the properties that matched your criteria,

Hover your mouse over any of the House icons displayed on the map and you'll see the details of that property.

To get a full description and additional images of a property, select the "View Details" link on the property popup to go to the properties details. I like to right click and select "Open in New Tab" when I view properties to keep my map criteria active.

This way I can go back and forth between selected properties and my map search.`

These are simple and basic instructions on how to use our Panama City and Panama City Beach real estate map search feature.

There are several other attributes of this feature you can find by exploring the map and selecting the various items on the search map.



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