Swimming Pools Add Style, Value to Single-Family Homes

Posted by on Friday, May 11th, 2012 at 12:39pm.

Summer is coming, and many homeowners are eyeing swimming pools as a way to beat the heat. Fact is, those turquoise sanctuaries add cash value to a home and distinguish it from those who don’t have such a fun lifestyle amenity.

Real-estate experts say putting in a pool will reap rewards in both the short- and long-term. The short-term benefits include an enhanced quality-of-life experience and recreational enjoyment no further than the back yard. The long-term benefits – especially in southern regions where the humidity rises along with the mercury – are the importance the watery asset plays in the purchase of a home.

The majority of homebuyers consider swimming pools to be an upgrade feature, so if one already is installed, it usually is considered a plus. Not only do pools provide a tropical escape, they also offer a place to exercise and work out.

Pools serve as an outdoor-entertainment centerpiece, as well, and often are the reason for having a party. When adding a pool to a home, some advice from the experts should be heeded.

Keep in mind that a swimming pool will take up a good chuck of the back yard. A good way to mitigate that loss of space is by adding interesting and sustainable landscaping around the structure, experts say. Hearty plants requiring minimal watering and shedding the least amount of leaves work the best.

Today’s pool contractors do much more than carve a giant hole in the ground and line it with Diamond Brite. They can create an attractive, environmental setting that includes waterfalls, rock piles, planters filled with greenery and an adjacent spa area bubbling with joy. The end result can be as dramatic or as simple as the homeowner desires.

Wish List
While a pool that resembles that of a five-star Caribbean resort might not be financially feasible, one can dream. Look around at other neighborhood swimming pools, page through real-estate magazines to get ideas and compose a wish list of things family members -- from the teenagers to the grandparents – want in a pool.

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