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Proper AC maintenance is a must if you want to avoid expensive energy bills. By properly maintaining your A/C unit, increases the efficiency of your system and Panama City Real Estate | household tipsprevents costly repairs.

Here are a few mistakes you want to avoid to remain cool all summer long!

Size Requirements

AC units are sized based on the cubic feet of area they need to cool.

This is particularly important when you are purchasing a new AC unit, replacing a unit or renovating your house.

If your area to cool is larger than the rated A/C unit, the A/C unit will have to work harder to cool the air. Consequently the unit will wear out more quickly and not be able to meet the demands of the temperature set on the thermostat.

Likewise if your area is smaller than the rating of the AC unit, the A/C unit will be turning itself on and off constantly which wears itself out faster and become undependable. It's very important to pay attention to the A/C units rated capacity and select the correct unit for the area you have to cool.

Clean Fins and Coils

Regular maintenance of the Fins and Coils of the Air conditioner helps the evaporators inside the house as well as the condensers outside the house absorb and release heat efficiently.

This process of moving heat is important in the functioning of the A/C unit, and can become impeded by dust, dirt and grime which in turn costs you money and decreases the efficiency of the unit.

Clean your air conditioner before the warm season begins and have it checked periodically.

Air Filter

Your A/C air filter helps to keep dust, allergens and other air borne particles from entering the A/C system.

The filters are designed to be replaced regularly and come in a variety of configurations and materials.

A dirty air filter can increase the amount of dust circulating in your home,  as well as decreasing airflow and the efficiency for your AC unit.

A clean air filer can improve the energy usage of an A/C unit by as much as 5 to 15 percent!

Try to remember to check and change the air filter when needed. I always check my air filters when I pay my mortgage, that way I'm checking it monthly and avoiding costly repairs and damage.

Update Your Thermostat

The state of thermostat technology has improved greatly over the years. Having a programmable thermostat will allow you to vary the temperatures for various times throughout the day as well as automatically lower the temperature when needed to help save money and manage the cooling efficiently.

Some thermostats will also allow you to alter the temperature from an app.

You sure the temperature isn't to Low?

This is one of the most common and costly mistakes home owners and renters make.

By programming your thermostat to a comfortable temperature at an appropriate time will reduce the costs of using the unit and maintain through out the summer.

No One's Home - Turn it off or Adjust the Temperature

Using a programmable thermostat will allow you to set schedules for cooling the home when the home is actually occupied

During weekdays family members are usually at work or school, which will allow you to turn the temperature up saving money.

In addition, when the family is asleep you can also set a different temperature.

Windows and Doors - Keep them Closed

Heat enters and leaves the home through doors and windows, particularly open doors and windows.

To optimally control the temperature in the home, monitor your doors and windows keeping them closed, as well as closing blinds or drapes during the hottest parts of the day.

During the evening, weather permitting, you open upstairs and downstairs windows for a natural flow of cooler air.

Arrange a Check-Up with a Professional

Air conditioning systems use refrigerant to absorb heat and disperse it outdoors.

This refrigerant is extremely important to  the operation of the AC unit.

However, small amounts may escape the unit over time, which results in less efficiency.

Arranging a service check with a professional A/C technician will help to maintain the unit and make you aware of any danger or costly repairs that may be needed.A check up will usually include a test of the AC system refrigerant levels and be and adjusted to the proper amounts as needed.

I hope you find  these tips helpful.

A well tuned A/C unit will provide you and your family with years of cool, comfortable air during the summer months.

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