Tips for Making Your House Guests Feel Welcome

Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Monday, June 24th, 2013 at 8:48am.

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Let your guests help.

Many hosts never let their guests lift a finger, but if you receive offers to help cook or clean, you should accept them. Overnight visitors feel more at home if they can participate in your everyday activities. For instance, meal prep offers an opportunity for casual, one-on-one interaction and brings people closer together.

Don't micromanage

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Planning every single minute of your guests' trip may leave them feeling rushed and exhausted. To ensure that your guest can relax, refrain from micromanaging their visits. Suggest activities (a stroll on the boardwalk, a shopping excursion, relaxation on the beach), but let your guests determine their schedule.

People love photos

Before your friends or family arrive, make sure there is a photo of them displayed in your house. When they spot the image, they're always touched. And as a bonus, it often gets you reminiscing-sometimes about the day the snapshot was taken, other times about old hairstyles.

A little note

As a guest, you can easily feel like a burden when you're constantly asking your host questions.(What's the Wi-Fi password? What's the alarm code?) To eliminate that problem, give each guest a note card that contains all the information they might need. This makes them feel less helpless.

The 3 B's of Hospitality

Remember to cover the three B's of hospitality: bedding, bathroom, and breakfast. There should be fresh sheets on the bed and extra blankets in plain sight; soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and a hair dryer in the bathroom; and access to a nutritious breakfast.

Be a guest in your own home

Every host should spend a night in their own guest room to figure out what it lacks. Sleep in the bed, use the closet, and shower in the bathroom. You'll be able to learn of your guest room's shortcomings--from the absence of a nightstand, to the decor. You'll be able to make modifications after simply using the room as your guests would.

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