Tips for Small Space Decor

Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 7:36am.

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Decorating a small space or condo is an art unto itself. It can be, however, an opportunity to create a lush, friendly atmosphere with a modern, yet eclectic display.

With that in mind, it's time to think about what you’ve got to work with, stuff a few ideas into your head and get your creative juices flowing! Here are some ideas for decorating your condo, or small space, that will make your living arrangement shine.

Think Light

Light, bright and airy colors will help make any room look bigger and more spacious.

Keep It Small

Smaller, singular furniture pieces, such as chairs, recliners and end tables will leave far more room to operate than will hefty couches and loveseats.

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Mount Up!

Wall-mounted electronics will kill two birds with one stone. By placing them vertical, you remove clutter from the floor and, also, decorate your walls without falling victim to the dreaded "tacky painting" syndrome.

Multi-Use Is Best

Can an ottoman double as a quilt or blanket storage space? Can that decorator trunk hold its weight? Find objects which can decorate and store other items for the most efficient decorum.


Small, precisely-laced mirrors can do more with less, as it relates to lighting. Reflecting the available sunlight or small, candlelit areas, can do wonders for avoiding big, bulky, space-stealing lamps.

Create Space

Get rid of those items which can be considered expendable. The less you have, the less clutter you will have. Simple, but effective.


If you have several groups or collections of items, consider rotating them in view, rather than displaying them all at once. This can save valuable space.

Keep It Clean

Clean floors, windows and blinds can do wonders for making your small living area look bigger and feel more comfortable.

Adore Aromas

Choose a fresh, pleasing scent that is not too overbearing and attention-stealing.

Final Curtain

Lastly, choose window blinds that are thin, light and less bulky. Thinner blinds will give a sleek look, but also let more natural light into your living space.

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