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Posted by Jennifer Mackay - Owner on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 at 7:56am.

Here is my latest series on the necessity for home inspections.

When purchasing a home, it is highly advisable that buyers obtain a home inspection from a qualified and licensed home inspector.


Well, the following are just a few issues found during normal home inspections... ( Photos and images generously provided by Structure Tech). After seeing these real-life home inspector photos (and after you've stopped giggling), you'd have to wonder what these homeowners or contractors were thinking!

 You can "Right click" and select "View Image" to see larger images.

Toilet Designs That Should Never Be
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Ceiling Tub Spout

The bare-all window isn’t even the strangest part of this bathroom arrangement.

Look closely at the ceiling and yes, the tub fills from the upstairs toilet!


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It's backwards!

How in the world can a tank get put on backwards?

Maybe read the directions the next time before installing a toilet. If the plumber did this, it's time for a new plumber!

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Peek-a-boo Roll!

Perhaps they felt as if hiding the roll was more aesthetically pleasing?

I don't know!

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For Convenience?

Not sure this style of tub faucet will increase a home’s resale value.

Perhaps it's to help washing the back during a bath?

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Clean up as you go?

With this setup, you can wash your hands and your feet at the same time!

Can you imagine if they installed a Bidet instead?

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No Words…

OK, this is just wrong on so many levels!

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All over clean...

At least if you slipped, you have plenty of places to grab on to before hitting the floor.

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Measure twice, cut once!

Who are these contractors anyway?

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It will grow into it!

Expecting the toilet to grow sideways,is not an option

Installing a new toilet would have been preferred

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Baby Shower?

Perhaps they weren't considering that babies grow to be adults?

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No room for shyness.

If they would have put up walls, at least it wouldn't have been so "out in the open".

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Duct Tape is not always your friend!

You can't fix everything with duct tape - just do the job right the first time!

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A Shower Fan?

I hope there is another fan somewhere in this bathroom as this one is not going to cut it.

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4 on the Floor!

Is the stick shift for mechanics, or is this a new vision of 4 on the floor

panama city real estate

Double duty

Just keep the toilet paper stocked full and this homeowner has a door stop and a paper roll!

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Electric Flushing?

What happens of there is an overflow or leak?


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Bath and Shower at the same time...

Perhaps the family that baths together, showers together?


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