How to buy a home in the USA

Canadian and Foreign Residents

The buying process can sometimes be confusing for foreign home buyers and real estate investors. To ease that confusion and assist you with your purchase, I've provided the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for our international customers convenience. 

Shopping for a new Panama City home can take alot of time out of your busy day. 

    1. Can a Canadian/Foreign resident buy a home in the U.S?
    2. Yes, you pay money, take title, no different than anyone else.

    1. Can we get a mortgage in Canada to buy in the U.S?
    2. Not if you're a Canadian resident.  Contact a local U.S. lender to find out what programs are available for non-U.S. citizens.

    1. Is there anything relating to Tax I should know about?
    2. Property taxes may be higher because you are non-resident. It is best to consult a licensed tax professional regarding taxation issues.

    1. Can I rent or lease the property once purchased as income property?
    2. Yes. Be aware of State laws on landlord responsiblities, etc.

    1. Is a property manager/agent be required if I want to rent out my property?
    2. No, but there it is advisable. If you are an out of area owner, how are you going to manage maintenance and tenant issues?

  1. What would the cost be for a property management company?
  2. Fees Vary so check with several reputable local companies.

That is why you need a Panama City Real Estate Professional like me!  You will not only save time and money, but as a Panama City Real Estate Professional and member of the National Association of REALTOR® (NAR), I can find you exactly what you are looking for in much less time. 

Use my custom Panama City Florida MLS to search all the active listings in the Bay County Florida MLS.  When you've found something of interest, contact me directly at 850-774-6582 and I'll help you with the details.

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