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Community Redevelopment - Guidelines

The Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan (Plan) provides a redevelopment framework for the Community Redevelopment Area over the next 30 years or longer.

The Plan’s focus is on mitigation or correction of various transportation, parking, beach access and safety issues documented in the Blight Study.

The Plan proposes redeveloping the area as an attractive, inviting, easily accessible and economically sustainable pedestrian oriented, public beach and tourist corridor that promotes a favorable identity for the City of Panama City Beach and the overall Bay County community.


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The Plan outlines numerous redevelopment objectives and strategies which include but are not limited to:

  1. Make improvements to pedestrian, parking and transportation networks and facilities
  2. Enhance beach access and related parking
  3. Create efficient, practical and equitable funding and financing to properly implement the
    Redevelopment Plan
  4. Address aesthetic and planning elements that can enhance the overall urban form of the
  5. Encourage public/private partnerships
  6. Identify and implement programs and projects that enhance safety
  7. Develop and implement programs that encourage economic development and
  8. rovide adequate infrastructure to support redevelopment initiatives


Decorative intersection treatments shall be provided along Front Beach Road, Hutchinson Boulevard and Panama City Beach Parkway.

There are two types of intersection treatments:

Primary/Signalized Intersections – These intersections are where the primary road connectors intersect with Front Beach Road.

 They include the following:

  • North Thomas Drive
  • South Thomas Drive
  • Beckrich Road
  • Alf Coleman Road
  • Clara Avenue
  • Hills Road
  • Powell Adams Road
  • Arnold Boulevard (S.R. 79)
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Secondary/Non-Signalized Intersections - The remainder of the intersections along Front Beach Road and where the primary road connectors (as noted above) intersect with Hutchinson Boulevard and Panama City Beach Parkway shall consist of:

  • Natural gray concrete with crushed shells and 1/2” to 3/4” diameter color aggregates (brown, gray and black) for pedestrian landings;
  • Detectable warning tiles for handicap ramps (Armor-Tile - Federal Yellow #33538);
  • And minimum 8’ wide x 10” thick stamped color concrete with Brick Herringbone pattern for the crosswalks.

Panama City Real Estate | CRA Secondary IntersectionsMID-BLOCK CROSSING DESIGN

Mid-block crossings along Front Beach Road shall be provided to improve safety for pedestrians at specific locations where pedestrians would be expected to need to cross the roadway (i.e., connecting to beach accesses, entertainment/attraction areas, public promenades/plazas and high-rise condominiums). The minimum distance from a signalized intersection shall be 300 feet. Mid-block crossings shall consist of the following:

  1. Minimum 8’ wide x 10” thick crosswalk with 1’ wide concrete banding on both sides.
  2. The crosswalk shall be stamped color concrete with Fishscale pattern (Scofield, LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters, Emerald Green #S.R. 3671).
  3. Refuge island angled 45° to direct pedestrians to view on-coming traffic.
  4. Minimum 24” wide cast-in-place detectable warning tiles (Armor-Tile Tactile Systems - Federal Yellow, No.33538) shall be installed at the sidewalk curb ramps based on manufacturer’s specifications and FDOT Design Standards for Public Sidewalk Curb Ramps.
  5. A Type “B” curbing shall be used for the raised landscaped medians.
  6. Maximum 2’-6” high shrubs and minimum 18” high groundcovers shall be provided within the landscaped medians.
  7. Thermoplastic stop bar shall be applied 4’ from the outside edge of the crosswalk concrete banding.
  8. Inpavement warning lights (Traffic Safety Corporation, TS600 or equal) shall be installed between the stop bar and the crosswalk, as per the manufacturer’s specifications. These lights shall be activated by a push-button at either curb. The pole for the push-button shall have a black finish.
  9. “Yield to Pedestrian” signs shall be provided as per FDOT Standards.
Panama City Real Estate | CRA Mid block crossings
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