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Community Redevelopment - Highlights

A report was created to outline and recommend various project objectives and offer an operating plan by which the projects could be managed and implemented.

This report contained the following items:

No system matches exactly the Panama City beach features, but many seful lessons have been learned from the comparisons.

  1. The first is a tram system ocated in Ocean City, Maryland. This successful model serves a three-mile boardwalk
    along the beach, and is very well used.
  2. Second is St. Augustine, Florida which has a model using a theme tram for downtown, interfaced with trolley vehicles for broader coverage;
  3. And lastly is Orlando, Florida which operates a downtown free bus on dedicated lanes. The best features of each of these have been used in the service scenarios. Special efforts were made to learn which features to avoid in planning the Panama City Beach transit service.
Panama City Real Estate | Proposed Tram system

The proposed Tram system will allow visitors and residents easy access through the new redevelopment corridor.

Panama City Real Estate | Tram system

Mutimodal Centers are presented conceptually, combing easy access to a walkable, transit friendly resort corridor, while providing unique places for Panama City Beach attractions.

West End and East end Mutimodal Centers would combine parknq with transportation interfaces for transit, snuttles, bicycles and private sector transportation, as well as shops, stores and services sought by tourists and residents. Two grant sources are recommended for assisting the construction of the centers and surrounding area.

The transit planning scenario provides for coordinating four transit components in a manner that strengthens each one. These four components are as follows:

  1. Beach transit service: providing frequent and pedestrian-scaled transportation along the full eight-miles within the Community Redevelopment Agency of the Front Beach Road corridor for tourists, residents and resort employees;
  2. Employee commute service: providing an alternative means for the thousands of employees along the corridor;
  3. Airport shuitle service: connecting the international airport with the beach accommodations without the necessity of car rentals; and
  4. Transit interconnectivity: to link the services with all area transit and other modes through intermodal centers at both ends of the corridor, as well as developing frequent service throughout Panama City Beach.

The long range vision is for very frequent bus/trolley/tram service for the entire length of the Community Redevelopment Agency service area, using dedicated travel lanes on Front Beach Road.

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