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Earthlink Users Guide

The Earthlink mail service restricts emails sent to Earthlink customers from "unsolicited" sources.  When an Earthlink user solicits information from websites, they must add the website to their list of sites from which they wish to receive emails.

The intructions below will help you set up your Earthlink email so that you recieve any and all information you have requested from the Panama City Real Estate website. 

The following Information will not be delivered to your Earthlink email account without completing the instructions...

  • Automatic Listing Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Best Buy Alerts
  • and Auction Alerts
The following information is provided by: Cochran Consulting

To Add An Email Address to Your Address Book:

  1. Sign on to Earthlink
  2. Go to your address book.
  3. Click the New Contact button
  4. Add the following information:
    • First Name: Jennifer
    • Last Name: Mackay
  5. Scroll to Contact Information add the following:
    • Type: Select anything
    • Email Address: *
  6. Cick the Save button
Once you have completed these steps you will begin receiving your requested Panama City real estate information.

Unsubscribe to Old Newsletters and Email Groups.

If you signed up for our online newsletter or any our "opt in" alerts that you no longer wish to receive there is a link at the bottom of our emails with unsubscribing instructions.

Unsubscribing involves clicking the link which will send a reply to one of our email addresses with the subject “UNSUBSCRIBE” and opts you out of recieving all future emails from

Please note: If you unsubscribe from any of our "Opt In" services by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in our emails, you will be removed from ALL future correspondance.  If you wish to "unsubscribe" only from a specific service, please include the name of the service from which you choose to unsubscribe to continue to receive other alerts and information you may have requested.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns when using any of the features of the Panama City Real Estate website, please forward them to me.  

This Panama City Florida Real Estate website exists to service our customers needs and provide the finest and most technologically advanced Panama City Florida real estate services available.

I hope you enjoy your visit, my team and I look forward to working with you very soon.

Thank you,

Jennifer Mackay
(850) 774-6582

Please provide a valid email address.

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