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In multi-user office buildings, certain areas within the building or floor are shared with other tenants. Also, some areas are reserved for the buildings common mechanical equipment and services. Construction features necessary to support the building may occupy space as well.

Office building measurement techniques take all of the se into account. When comparing spaces in comparable buildings, the tenant is most interested in useable square footage (USF), or the area where furnishings can be put for use.

When comparing spaces, tenants will want to compare USP between sites and calculate a dollar per square foot (psf) amount for that space. This way the tenants can see what is actually being paid for what can be used. Most tenants prefer the most efficient space possible.

Office space measurement standards differ from market to market. The real estate professional should be proficient in the measurement technique used in the local market and be able to compare it to the measure technique used in other markets. BOMA provides information on this subject, which is also supported by the American National Standards Institute.

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