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Why this Panama City Florida real estate website exists

A common public misperception about real estate agent websites is that the website exists simply as a public service.

This perception is in error and I would like to assist you in understanding why this website exists.

My team and I are business people. We are not a charity, and we are not public utilities or public servants.  That should not come as a surprise.

We are also not salaried or hourly employees of a brokerage which may suprise many.

Real estate commissions, generally paid by home sellers, and only upon a successful closing, is the only way we have to support our families and ourselves.

Real estate agents like us, who are truly serious about supporting our client's real estate information and home search needs, must have a strong, user friendly web site with advanced home search capabilities and other advanced customer oriented features, and we invest lots of time and money to provide those capabilities for our clients.

We also attempt to educate our clients that all real estate agent web sites exist for two reasons:

  1. To generate leads and new business 
  2. And to support that agent's own paying clients.

Therefore, we request our clients only use our website for their Panama City Florida home searches, and should never go to any other real estate agent web site. That's how we stay in business., the public web site of our local MLS, and, the public website of the National Association of Realtors, also do not exist as a public service.

These websites exist primarily to get consumers to call the listing agents directly, which is absolutely the worst thing a consumer can ever do.

When a consumer contacts the listing agent directly, they will often give up their rights to personal representation on that property, and will often disclose confidential information to the listing agent about their financial situation or motivations.  This in turn compromises their negotiating position with the sellers.

Today, more then 80% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes.  Agents who fail to provide their own websites and who rely on their clients using other websites for their home searches, are not servicing their client's needs to the best of their abilities.

All real estate agents today are able to have their own web site and must also invest their own time and money in internet technologies which are needed to support clients.

Those that do not are incapable of providing a strong home search website for their client's use as well as providing full customer services.

If you are truly serious about your home search and real estate needs, and you are NOT working with another Panama City Florida area real estate agent or brokerage, we welcome you to work with our experienced team of agents. 

We are committed to providing our clients the most advanced online real estate tools in the market today, and you are invited to register for and try out our Advanced Home Search and other advanced website features.

We look forward to working with each and every registered visitor and welcome the opportunity to assist you with your Panama City Real Estate needs as a valued customer.

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