Why get a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A Wind Mitigation inspection will save you money! There is a 95% chance we can help you reduce the price of your

current homeowners insurance policy (this is why we say "Keep Your Policy, Lower Your Premiums”).


We don’t sell insurance; We help you to save on the hurricane portion of your homeowners insurance policy by

certifying your home's current construction features that qualify for discounts.


There are eight features that qualify, and if your home has one or more of these features, (and most homes already

have some...) you save money! The inspection takes about 20 minutes, it has nothing to do with home improvements or

adding shutters... (But, if you have already done some work, your chances of a larger discount are much greater!)


Sounds too good to be true...?!?

How does it work...?

Florida Law (FL § 627.711) requires insurers to give “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials” when you

provide a certification that your home has one or more construction features proven to reduce damage and loss in

windstorms.  These discounts are to be applied for 5 years! This certification can only be signed by someone who is

authorized by the state insurance law, to make this certification. We welcome you to read through this website,

call us, or ask your insurance agent to verify this information. (If they haven't already advised you to have an

inspection done already...)


What if my agent says I’m already receiving these discounts?

It is common for an agent to make an innocent assumption that you already have this discount applied to your

policy. Only homes that were built in 2006 or later are not required, by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

to have this inspection conducted for the maximum discount to apply.


Here’s an example of how this can happen:

One of our clients owns a local insurance agency, He has been in business for over thirty years. His home was built

in the 1958. (Even he thought his house was too old to be eligible for discounts…) He checked with his insurance

company and he was told "that he already had the discounts applied to his policy"... A few months later, we

completed a Four Point inspection and did a wind mitigation inspection as a courtesy, we completed the forms, had

him submit the report to his own insurance company and as a result, his premium dropped 44%!

He reduced his premium from $5000 per year to $2800.

Remember; he owns an insurance agency, checked with his carrier, and has a home that is over 50 years old!


How do I know if my home qualifies?

With our home inspection, there is no "pass" or "fail" result!
Historically, statistics show that 92 out of 100 homes have the features that provide credits!
We've completed over 3,500 wind inspections, and of the homes built since 1970, 100% of them qualified for at least

one discount credit!
Fact; before Florida's own "MySafeFloridaHome" inspection program was discontinued, the State inspected over four

hundred thousand homes for these credits...

Out of all those homes, only thirty three thousand homes needed to apply for grants to improve their houses.

That's less than 10 %!

That means, over 90% of the homes built in Florida meet most of the inspection requirements... Your home probably

does too!!!

Who is qualified to do a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
According to the law, only a qualified, licensed and state approved inspector can perform the inspection that will

qualify your home for insurance discounts. (You can find a list of these qualification on our "Laws" page by

clicking on this link... Laws)

Does this also apply to multi-family residences?

Yes...! The Wind Mitigation Inspection Program applies to all residential dwellings and most commercial buildings,

as well. Whether you own a house, a duplex, a condominium, or even if you rent an apartment... once you have a Wind

Mitigation Inspection performed, your insurance company must evaluate your premium for discount credits.


How about rentals, second-homes, or other investment property?

Yes! the law provides for these properties to receive discounts as well... Also, because Bob is a State Certified

Building Code Administrator (Building Official and Inspector) Our inspection reports apply to commercial buildings


That means, if you are the manager is in charge of condominium buildings, our inspection reports will qualify each

building for insurance premium discount credits!


What gets inspected?

The inspector will survey the exterior of the dwelling, and inside of the attic space.

*           Roof Shape

*           Roof Covering

*           Roof Deck Attachment

*           Roof to Wall Connections (in attic)

*           Exterior Walls

*           Opening Protections

               (Impact Rated windows, doors, and/or shutters)

*           Take four pictures of the outside of the building


How Much does it Cost?

Wind Mitigation Inspection:

The cost of a standard Wind Mitigation Inspection is $70.00.

Four Point Inspection:

The cost of a four point inspection is $70.00.


NOTE: The charge for a "Four Point" inspection that is done at the same time as a mitigation inspection is reduced

to $50.00, Making the total for the two inspections &120.00.


If your home is older than 25 years and you have replaced important items, such as water heaters, air conditioners,

added to or replaced electrical circuits and you have replaced your roof  covering... Most insurance companies will

require a four point inspection.

(Homeowners insurance policies may be appreciably reduced by certifying your home's current construction features

that qualify for discounts.)


What do I do after the Inspection?

 After the inspection is completed, we contact your insurance agent to send in the full report and pictures.

They get in touch with your insurance company...

And your insurance company evaluates the report.

Once the evaluation process is completed...

(the evaluation process could take up to ten days or more.)

The insurance company will contact your agent with the adjusted amount of your reduced policy premium amount.