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Our Windstream Users Guide

The Windstream mail service restricts emails sent to Windstream customers from "unsolicited" sources.  When a Windstream user solicits information from websites, they must add the website to their list of sites from which they wish to receive emails.

The instructions below will help you set up your Windstream email so that you recieve any and all information you have requested from the Panama City Real Estate website.

The following Information will not be delivered to your Windstream email account without completing the instructions...

  • Automatic Listing Updates
  • Any and all correspondence from Panama City Realty Group

The following information is provided by:

To Add An Email Address to Your Address Book.

Mail from these addresses or domains will be considered trusted and images will automatically be displayed.

  1. On the Windstream Email window, Click Preferences at the top.
  2. Click Trusted Addresses on the left.
  3. Add the email address you want to "white list"

Unsubscribe to Old Newsletters and Email Groups.

If you signed up for our online newsletter or any our "opt in" alerts that you no longer wish to receive there is a link at the bottom of our emails with unsubscribing instructions.

Unsubscribing involves clicking the link which will send a reply to one of our email addresses with the subject “UNSUBSCRIBEâ€